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              Tungsten 3.1: tungsten ore shipments increased slightly, APT prices slipped

              International market, last night the latest MB Metal Bulletin quotations show, ammonium paratungstate prices to weaken Hong Kong, 430 level -435 (down 5) US $ / metric ton, while overseas ferrotungsten recent market consistent with domestic tungsten iron than other tungsten product market slightly better, closing some relatively smoothly, which ferrotungsten Rotterdam 49.5 (up 1) -50 (up 0.5) dollar / kg, tungsten, but gains limited.

              Due to weak overseas demand for tungsten market, nearly two months significantly reduced compared with the previous months, domestic exports of tungsten products.

              The domestic market, the domestic tungsten concentrate prices continued steady weakening, the market is not optimistic, because the end of this year and now tungsten-based alloys and other hard straight downstream demand is very poor, relatively low operating rate, resulting in an intermediate tungsten powder, tungsten products prices loose, eventually will affect the raw material of tungsten concentrates, therefore, the rich treasure analysts believe that downstream demand will determine to a large extent or tungsten ore prices.

               Due to the weak market outlook, traders shipped intention slightly enhanced. It is reported that yesterday afternoon there is a business in Ganzhou, Jiangxi 1.73 / kWh sold some goods.

              At the same time, there are businesses trying Chenzhou 133000-135000 yuan / ton tax price to sell more than 100 tons of wolframite 55 degrees, although the higher offer, but the number is very large, darker intentions shipping business.

              APT market because no one buys goods, the price is difficult to maintain in the 202000-205000 yuan / ton, fell slightly today, 1,000 yuan / ton, while taking into account cost, businesses can not be shipped again low, it is learned that many manufacturers offer 202,000 yuan / ton cash price.



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